Earth Unity Flag

Third Planet Earth
Moon Luna
Star Sol

Earth Unity Flag

The Earth Unity Flag unites all countries, nationalities,
races, ethnicities, creeds and religions.

Sun, Earth & Moon tower from above.
Life surges through us
goldened by love and strengthened by diversities,
all striped by politics and truths.

“Sol of Light & Life.
Earth of sky, grass, water and tree.
Luna, half bright, half dark.
Life enjoins love with truths we All bear.
Searing beacons, countered by powers taken.
Earth, Luna & Sol.
Be as One.”

The Earth Unity Flag contains the eight basic colors of all flags —- white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purpleand black.

The Earth Unity Flag furls downward respecting All.
In the public domain since 2000.

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